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Grand Opening!!! Lenso Europe B.V.

To completely penetrate the ever expanding alloy wheel market in the European Continent, Lenso has been investing heavily in order to be a part of that Expanding market. And finally, In January 2017; “Lenso Europe B.V.” was opened in the Netherland.

Lenso Europe is not just an “Office” but a “Warehouse” stocking many models of Lenso Wheel. Apart from Lenso head office here in Thailand, “Lenso Europe” possesses the largest inventory of Lenso Wheel available anywhere else in the world.


Lenso Europe was set up specially to serve our increasing customer base in Europe and to provide them with ease to access and communication with regards to Lenso wheels.

Lenso Europe offers our European customer variety of wheel models ranging from SUV to small passenger cars; this include the “Road & Terrain” series, “Euro Style” series, “Jager” series, and the “Intimidator” series to name a few.


Lenso will also strive to provide our European Customer with new wheel model throughout the year to cater to the ever changing wheel market.

For any European inquiries, please contact our Lenso Europe office at the address below:

Lenso Europe B.V.

Einsteinstraat 12,

7601 PR Almelo

The Netherlands

P: +31 74 2430842

Email: info@lenso-europe.com

Web: www.lenso-europe.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lenso.europe/

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